General Public. This is such a shitty world were living in full of shitty ass people. I'm so sick of peoples entitlement, unfriendliness, selfishness, unkindness, and greed that I cannot deal with being anywhere in public. Noone treats anyone stranger with courtesy or respect that its just absolutely disgusting. If it ain't that, then it's fear, judgment, and caution for your fellow man/woman. 99% of people I see on a daily basis depress and uninspire the fuck out of me. Let's start with waiting at a bus stop where I'm standing away and some dude is pacing back and forth then walks in my periphery, near me, to blow a snot spray. He did that on purpose, for attention or instigation. I just started spitting profusely. Next up, when I get on a max, the only seat is next to a guy chowing some crap down his throat. He coughs no cover all the while shuffling in his seat and constantly hitting my shoulder. While behind me is another dude coughing no cover. I'm boarding this time but its another guy trying to exit with some other guy boarding with me but not waiting for the guy to exit. He said something to the impatient guy, and I called him an idiot too. Now leaving the max with some clueless jackass with his backpack in the aisle, sitting sideways so he can look at everyone. As I'm leaving i crash into his knees. I have no apology. I did that on purpose. I dont care. I dont fucking care anymore. The only time I use the word hate is how I hate people. What is wrong with this society and culture? I dont fucking care about my "neighbors" well being anymore. I dont care. Do Not Fucking Care anymore.