There is a very old saying that goes, "非其鬼而祭之,諂也。見義不為,無勇也。" which is another way of saying "if you know better and don't do better, then what are you exactly?" (This is very far from a direct translation, it's 2023 you can look it up yourself ;-) ) Our society has entire industries to scare us and wear down our impulses, this affects some more than others. But it also has a cascading affect on us as a whole, that same anxiety induced by advertising to manufacture a need to fit in, or participate in the latest trends, that same fear conjured by politicians to exploit your need "to do something" gets quite overwhelming when combined with the day to day chaos and callousness of our modern world.. This is why breaks and support are important.. Because when given the opportunity to step out of these hyper-stimulated environments, its easier to see them for what THEY really ARE. Let's try this another way. Take a step back and try to assess what it is you have adjusted to. Do you want to be adjusted to a society where children go hungry? Do you want to be adjusted to a society where violence and destruction are seen as acceptable parts of the political process? Do you want to be adjusted to a society where your elected officials are more concerned with their coffers than with compassion? This should sound familiar. These are not new concept. This idea was broadcasted years ago by one of earth's greatest teachers. We don't have to pretend things are okay, if they aren't. We must be maladjusted in order "to emerge from the bleak and desolate midnight of man's inhumanity to man, into the bright and glittering daybreak of freedom and justice.”