If you call Trimet transit tracker like I do, here's the scoop. When it says max line will arrive in 2 min, that really means 10 min. The max is always off. There is something always wrong with something. Some technical or mechanical issue. Some disruptive passenger causing the delay of 100s of people and numerous max lines behind. There is always something delayed. I also remember in years past on snow days, transit tracker would say, bus is arriving in 1.8 miles. Whatever the Fuck that means. The thing is, nobody cares or has nothing to do in their life so they're okay with waiting in the madness that is now this city, and the commotion that is now this world. I got things to do. I have a home to return to from a job. I don't need to be waiting and stuck amongst a land I don't want to be a part of. I can't share ride everywhere, everytime. I would if I could. Or maybe I should when I know. Note to self, if trip planner says take a route that involves the max, AVOID THAT OPTION AND FIND ANOTHER ROUTE.