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A near complete replacement MAX line is under construction leading from the Gateway station to the airport. It appears the Red Line will end at Gateway or extend along the Blue or Green Lines, but not to downtown nor Beaverton. This will reduce MAX operating costs, but add wait time to/from the Airport.

The reasons I suspect for this unnecessary project are, 1) relocation of the current track and pedestrian crossing over I-84 so ODOT can add lanes to I-205, and 2) Stacy and Witbeck Construction Company were promised multi-million dollar contracts that were cancelled when voters rejected the =HORRIBLY ENGINEERED= SW Corridor MAX extension on Hwy 99W (ODOT domain) in Nov 2020.

City Hall and Metro still intend to build the SW Corridor MAX project despite extremely severe design flaws. Developers were promised a lucrative land grab for sardine can apartment blocks facing a 45+mph boulevard where traffic hazards will certainly worsen (more multi-car pileups, more passenger & pedestrian fatalities). Unfortunately, public safety is NOT a priority for our corporate KI$$ A$$ mayor and incompetent city council. An honest lawyer would conclude the agencies involved (ODOT, Metro, Tri-Met, PBOT) are committing "negligent homicide."
Following many if not most traffic accidents, a new car is purchased. Ka-ching!

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