if Only we'd Invested
in teaching peeps How to
Read they might be able Decipher
your wee screed & Safety'd be right on her Way.


Traffic in Portland got much worse with hoards of motorists from California where driving like an idiot is habitual, celebrated and somewhat robotic. Californians take to heart the idiotic notion of "driverless" cars one day allowing idiots to travel about via robotaxi in complete disregard for safety. One safety feature that "driver assist" tech offers that is supportable is when the car recognizes posted speed limit that will not allow drivers to exceed. Drivers can go slower, but not faster than the posted speed limit nor recklessly through busy intersections. This safety feature would teach motorists how to drive defensively.


That and everyone in Portland unabashedly drives drunk.


ah so this little saying likely
comes Direct from PDX:
'if ya don't Drink
don't Drive.'

catchy but I
don't think
it'll Ever

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