I remember a few years ago, how disgusted many of us were at the idea of arresting a significant political personality at the behest of mob chants. LOCK THEM UP. They chanted wanting not justice, not the rule of law and democratic principles, but punishment and revenge. At the time, I was encouraged by how many were offput by this, but since those events years ago a lot has happened. Everyone makes their own choices. And its in those choices wherein we define who we are to the world, whether we are humans of principle and values OR whether we are as full of shit as those at in the direction of our pointed fingers. Portland has its own issues with justice, it's tried to carve out extralegal exceptions for those they percieve as within their own tribe. All I would ask is for you to take a moment and look at some of your own past social media post and diary entries, and if you're position on things that matter have changed ask your self if you have evolved your understanding or simply abandoned your principles. Please be mindful that in a democracy, each of us have a responsibility to recognize and respect the rights of others at the same standards we'd want our own and our friends and families rights recognized and respected. If you're not thinking about this, and just mindlessly going along with the "perceived popular" opinion, then what are you? Are the values and standards you rant on about real to you or they performances you put on to collect donations or participate in a "happening"?