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Nothing is particularly hard to say when you aren't looking someone in the eye. We need to stop having digital debates and start having more real in-person dialogues. Political events shouldn't have the same production value of Lady Gaga; they should be closer to guitar pulls. (Not too mention how it's dissapointing to see some repeatedly completely disregard how much of it is all "smoke and mirrors".) This means we may have to confront some uncomfortable things about our own biases. Releasing ourselves from hating someone or something is a gift we give to both ourselves and our community. "Hate is too great a burden to bear" for anyone. Releasing yourself from hate isn't forgetting the pain that has endured, it isn't making excuses for bad behavior, it's a resolution to accept that progress can be made and to accept the responsibility to help each other move forward. Let's move forward with the understanding that we've all been through something big and hard together.


Yeah, except the person they wanted locked up hadn't committed any crimes and spent 11 hours testifying before Congress to prove it. Meanwhile, Trump has done nothing but commit crimes his entire life and might now, MIGHT, have to answer to ONE crime. And it's not even remotely the worst crime. He's a traitor. He's a terrorist. He's a liar. He is responsible for the deaths of over one million Americans. He bilked taxpayers out of BILLIONS of dollars. He didn't do his job for 4 years (he ate fast food and watched FOX news and tweeted - none of which are in the job description of President of the United States).

What's the quote? Opinion is just the wilderness between knowledge and experience. Facts are irrefutable. Ignorance is rampant. Opinions are as meaningless as assholes, because everyone has them and they are full of shit.


CR - Congress was investigating her for the wrong crime. She and her scumbag boss Obama are war criminals. Their destruction of the Libyan government resulted in 10s of thousands of dead people and a civil war that has yet to be settled. Not to mention their support for Saudi Arabia to murder thousands of Yemeni citizens and all the shit they've done in Syria. The Bushes, the Clintons, and Obama are all murderers who deserve to have rooms in Guantanimo. But yeah, let's obsess over Trump.


Yes, let's focus on Trump. What he deserves (if our country followed it's own laws), is to be executed for being a traitor.

George W. Bush can stand right next to him in front of the firing squad as a war criminal who lied to Congress and used the country's grief and rage about 9/11 to wage war on a country that had nothing to do with that terrorist attack. GWB is also the guy who flew 13 Saudis out of the country on 9/12/2001.

Trump has been a criminal his entire life. It is incomprehensible how anyone can look at him or listen to him or know the FACTS of the crimes he has committed and think he is anything other than what he is and has shown everyone he is over and over and over again, never wavering, never changing, never being anything else: a human garbage bag full of toxic waste and hate and shit.

Trump's sycophants are exactly like him in that respect. Every single one of them. (oh wait, that's just my opinion)


CR - But Hillary and Barack are bigger scumbags than Trump.


Bullshit Berny5. So you are ok with Trump fomenting an insurrection. Fuck off fascist.


Paul -- where did I say that Trump was OK? Are you stupid?

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