It should be cautioned that as of this evening we are entering a time of the year that cultures around the global mark as particularly magical or holy. This is a time to release yourself from the dark and destructive energies of the winter and to embrace renewal, rejuvenation, and rejoicing. It's generally recommended that you make a sincere effort to altar or upset your routine in order to better welcome these new energies and awarenesses. While the world is full of balance and while everything has its time in place, now is not the time to be investing your beingness in or experimenting with negative thoughts or entities. It's best to stop meddling in matters beyond yourself, firmly signal to all that you are repentant and reversing course, and make direct requests for mercy and harmony when making the appropriate offerings. Should you experience fear, hate, or other types of blindnesses it is recommended that you pray for illumination and run towards LOVE as fast as you can. LOVE can always be found. Now is the time to unite and gather, now is the time to reach out to others and offer our support, now is the time to check in on the humans and animals we haven't heard from during the winter. Spring has sprung! Embrace cleansing and renewal.