I, Anonymous Mar 29, 2023 at 2:00 pm



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Clearly someone who never bothered to learn anything about our taxes... or likely our city/county. Everyone who has lived here more than a single waking moment knows about the inequity caused by Measure 50, which rolled back TAXABLE value of older properties vs. their REAL MARKET values, resulting in those buying NEW paying far, far more tax as % of actual value than those who buy grandfathered older properties with ridiculously low taxable values that can only increase by no more than 3% per year. As a result, people in newer properties in East Portland, Gresham, and inner SE pay much higher property taxes as a percent of real market value vs. the oldest and wealthiest enclaves, like the West Hills. Somehow, I suspect your whining will only get louder, no matter whose neighborhood your grace next with your lazy, entitled attitude.


And we're equally ecstatic that you are back in California.
But to be completely honest, we're just a little bent that you didn't take all your California brethren with you when you skedaddled your ass back across that line 300 miles south of here that separates us from the "substance is nothing - image is everything" crowd.

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