When I was in college, I was a desk receptionist at the dorm I was living in. I just wanted the extra cash and to be able to study. I didn't give a shit to be hospitable. This was all coming from my high-school angst and rebellion, listening to the devil's music. I look back on that person now and i see someone who needed guidance. This God-fearing guy I knew came in and started to tell me about church. I wasnt into it then nor am I now, nor am I the same person. I haven't been found. I haven't life figured out. But I do look back and now his message is understood. He was speaking to my soul. He could see that light around me which was more like darkness. I believe it. Energy and vibes alone are contagious, transmitted, and received. Like now with someone I know, everyday their mood is somber, whiny, mopey, always wishing the day was over, the week was over, wishing they were somewhere else doing something else, and never happy being in the moment. I try to be supportive of their grievances but everything gets tiring after a while, hard to listen to, and simply toxic. Its MJs the Man in the Mirror is the only one that can help themselves out from a life of misery and constant conflict. Its Buffetts I know its my fault that we need to look in ourselves for answers, not how the world is around us. I dont know what changed for me but you can witness this "light" or lack of it in everyone. I hope we all find it. I think the key is changing the point of view. And changing the mind.