Humans alive today have access to more information and self-education resources than any other generation in the history of the world. You are not required to avail yourself of these advantages and its unreasonable to expect everyone to be an expert on everything. But, if you are going to position yourself in a place of authority on a subject area or of community responsibility, then it's time for you to fucking step up your game. I'm serious, there are plenty of dials, switches, and levers available to us at as needed. The world needs some tuning up, and whatever role and responsibility you select for yourself on the behalf of our community, it completely reasonable for us to expect you to deliver world-class service. This is not to say you aren't allowed to make mistakes or be vulnerable. This is to say, that if you fuck up own it, if there is something you don't know then look it up or ask someone, enough with the fucking bullshit. Stop seeing what it is you can keep getting away with one more time. Stop it. Do some work and figure what it is that only you can deliver to the world. Because we need you to deliver that for us. Only you can do that. If you need help, there is at least one person in this world who's role is to help you. If you need resources, there is at least one in this world who's role it is to resource you. If you need the rules changed, there is at least one person in the world who can help you with that. We are not our histories. We are our futures. Lead on leaders.