So here's the thing people, one of the flaws in propaganda, mass frauds, or other similar criminal enterprises, is that lies, mistruths and factually untrue statements can usually be tracked backed to their sourcing or atleast their maintainence. Think about it, it's getting harder and harder to maintain untruths in the age of the internet, sure there are things like flatearthers that highlight how social influence can override reasonable thought, but at the same time there are some great videos and documentations of former flatearthers documented the experiments they used to personally confirm to them that the earth is round. I mean how cool is that. They weren't necessarily looking to confront their mistaken beliefs of the world, they were simply looking for a firmer foundation of their core beliefs and tools to help convince others of it, it just happened that they discovered something that they didn't expect. Lies and mistruths take alot of capital and influence to maintain, but they take very little to unravel. Keep pulling those threads humans! I can't wait to find out what we'll learn tomorrow.