I seen some fashion statements that I just don't get. I made some fashion statements where I dont care. I guess thats why I'm not a fashionista and someone once told me I make fashion faux pas. I'm sure there's many many more I've not seen that I dont get but again, I'm just not into fashion. The pants hanging off ass. Everyone knows this one. Come on, wearers of this costume, is this comfortable or practical in anyway? I guess maybe to get nude or go potty, it just might be. The comb in the hair. I guess, you can always have your comb with your keys, wallet, and phone. Which the last 3 were what I'd never leave the house without. Then the mask came along, and now I always have THC and CBD tincture too. The sticker labels left on the hat. I guess labels get left on more than hats anyway. Here's the new one I saw but it could be perfectly old. Again, I do not follow Vogue, or Playboy, or Penthouse, or Cosmopolitan, or Vanity Fair, or Newsweek. The one where both sleeves have been cut from the body of the shirt but safety pinned back in place with a 1/4 gap in between. This statement would be a Godsend at weddings or the office though. I wonder how many outfits of this style one person could own. Then you could get really wild and creative by safety pinning up different colors and patterns together. Oh, I really like this one. I'm gonna ask a quilter to quilt all my shirts from now on.