That's what I always say. That's what I am. There is a difference. I am for sure superstitious. I always love coincidences of the cosmos. When I need 21 more bubble wrap sheets that I prepped randomly in order to wrap an item, and have exactly the amount of bubble wrap i need to wrap the remaining items. Stuff like that. Or if I'm going through some mental hardships and need some guidance, someone will post a message, not intended for me in anyway, but it hits me right at the opportune time to show me uplifting support as if they should've written it just for me. Timing is everything. Then the spiders that just appear out of nowhere. On the shower wall. Catch and release. Another one on the cabinet while I'm washing dishes which is already a contemplative activity to begin with. But when I go to catch it, it runs away and pretty much vanishes into what? Like some black hole? They never get away from me! What does it mean? What do I do? Where do I go? "When in doubt, give up." "When in doubt, toss it out."