Oh, I guess back to the job drawing board. But I cannot continue to work for someone who is not an inspirational leader that I do not respect and admire. I cannot be on a team with a coach with no direction or communication. I cannot act with a director with no personality. I cannot play in a blues band when someone wants to make classical music. All metaphors but you dig? I still don't know if I feel better being free because, ah, money, where's it gonna come from? But I do know for sure, my mental health and contentment going to work 8 hrs a day for how ever many years is fairly important compared to like being in an unhappy marriage. Oh, what to do? Show me the way. Give me a sign. Perhaps I already knew the answer long ago and just don't have the faith to act upon. But I sorta did. I haven't quit. I haven't been fired either. I haven't gone to work in 2 days. I know I have faults. This could be wrong and unprofessional, and it is not in response to how I've been treated unfairly and unprofessional, but I cannot be managed by someone who cannot manage themselves. I need to be amongst artist, crafters, innovators, creators, and progressive thinkers. Not people that just want a paycheck to get by. I think that is my answer.