I have a copy of the first print issue of the Mercury. I was 16 and at a cafe in farking Lake Oswego and there it was. And there was Portland! Where weird kids like me could go find music and thrift stores and places where other square pegs were thriving. Thank you for the doubtless insane amount of work it's taken to get a print issue out again. I cried when you guys stopped and essentially subscribed to the Mercury by making a monthly $10 donation, which I really hope more people will do. It's an important alternative to the increasingly right-wing Oregonian (why do you hate public school so much?) and the milquetoast Willie Week. And Jesus, the musicians and authors need the love your paper provides, they're making no royalty money cuz "moving fast and breaking things" (more punk coverage please!). The point is: I love Portland, and I FUCKING LOVE THE PORTLAND MERCURY, print edition 2.0. Yay yay yay.

[Thanks so much for the kinds words! ❀️ We're psyched for our return to printβ€”even if it's just quarterly for right now. That said, things are looking up, up, UP for Portland and ourselves, so who knows what the future holds? Much love to you and all our readers (and haters too)! Yer pal, Wm. Steven Humphrey]