Hey Jackass! Pay attention! Your complete obliviousness is getting hard for us to watch. That woman has moved the world for you on multiple occasions and your are too selfish and self-involved to recognize the value of pay her some basic courtesy and due respect even in the context of your own self-interest, let alone the true value of such a goddess to us all. We really shouldn't have to spell it out for you but despite the persona you've constructed around yourself, you aren't all that great. Settle yourself down and do some real work for both her sake and your own, among many others. If nothing else, take a moment to seriously rerecognize how much smarter than you she has always been and what that would mean about which way the scales would ultimately tip should she elect to exercise the suite of options available to her, and we aren't talking about splitting anything down the middle. Now come on and get your act together, get your game on, seriously, we are really rooting for you to come through but make no mistake at the end of the day, we are with her.