My mom was staying at an Ex's house. I lived separate from my ex but we had been together shy of 10 years. I'd stay over there or my ex would stay over night with me. That's how we did it not moving in together. You know how that works. By the time of what I'm gonna talk about, it was near the end of our relationship, and the relationship had thoroughly soured. So my ex said with my mom as guest, "you guys have a lot of hair." It is true. Guys was me and my mom. And the topic was in reference to the bathroom/shower. I didn't get it at the time. I just wasn't aware. I was naive to these grooming habits. But I get it now. I see it after every shower. How does so much hair fallout? How does so much accumulate? In any case, I had a reflective moment about this one day. If my ex had said this to me at the beginning of our relationship, or even in better, happier times, I wondered if I would've said I'll clean it??? Because that's really who I am. I almost can remember the moment and my thoughts when my ex said this were basically oh, that sucks. My ex was in no way trying to insinuate anything. I truthfully didn't offer or think about it because it was like maybe the idea, hey this is your house. Which doesn't matter when one wants to help out, no matter the relationship, and to do things for love. Anyway, it's so sad every relationship gets this way. Love taken for granted.