I think this is an appropriate point in history where we should take a moment to respectfully acknowledge the political acumen of a Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III. Now hold, I'd consider it dear personal a favor, if you'd hold tht vomit in your mouth for just enough time for me to finish my thought. I am not trying to place this man on any type of pedestal or applaud him a shining example of any type of morality. I simply wish to respectfully acknowledged how his actions can be noted as an example of how our system may have been designed to work. You see, for all we can say about the man, he atleast had the self-awareness and political survival skillset to recuse himself from an investigation into his "party colleagues" and distance himself from the goings on. Of course, I don't mean to talk about Jeff Sessions at all, this is where we gently start lifting the veil. After all, every now and then I think you might like to hear something from us nice and easy