It may not be technically illegal, but it's probably a bad idea to have someone who passes out their "work" business cards at their "moonlighting" events in charge of exploring the depths of corruption. It comes down to character, judgement, and compentence, not to mention the other overlapping conflicts of interests. Just saying, it'd be nice if aspiring Oregon pols and their staffers/consultants would take an approach to things besides "how can we make this a bigger, more incestuous, and dirtier mess than it already is."


god love'em but some people just can't help but to keep pissing in the wind


Technically it is possible without directly lying mislead others to believe lies, the telling of half-truths rather than whole-truths and the embellishment of those Half-truths. King James got it right. We all must not bear false witness, when we're wrong nor when we think we're right but ain't.

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