I used to be a driver. I understand this state of mind. The most aggravating thing about drivers is this sense of impatience when I'm on the street trying to walk casually and peacefully. Whether its some driver trying to turn left or right as I'm walking to get across the street with right of way. Just fuckng relax. Especially when it's the right turn. Fucking chill man. I believe its technically law that cars are supposed to wait til a pedestrian is off the street and made it to the other side that cars can then turn. If they haven't already blazed the turn in front of me, they stopped mid turn and are now blocking the crosswalk, then we get the idiot sorry wave. The other one is this running the pretty much red, but its still a little yellow, so the drivers step on the gas, and I remember these thoughts, "I can make it." Thats not the fucking idea. Or "its bad for the brakes to stop like that." Fucking dumb. The other one is flying through a shopping mall parking lot. Fucking chill. You'll find a parking. The sale will still be on when you get to the store. The other one is big rigs driving on some street giving me evil eye because I'm walking too slow. Fucking relax. All of you. Fucking chill in your cars instead of driving and being foolish maniacs.