I thought about sitting in a different booth at first but I thought it'd be weird to sit behind someone sitting at the bar. And I'd be ashamed to move to it at this point. Now I'm stuck with this Karen and Chad behind me. Thank lord I'm not facing them. Just tuning into their American conversations is nauseating me. It is not eavesdropping. I just can't not hear things they say. And it is totally ruining the vibes of the awesome bar music. Having to hear the Karen cough and sneeze. Loud sneezes. Her coughs of you know, Karen, are you sick? Like not cold sick but unhealthy sick. Like smokers cough sick but like maybe get some physical activity in your life instead of all your Karen talk and privilege. And Chad boasting of his band to the waiter. I bet he's been waiting to do that to whoever, and I'm sure he spouts it out anytime he can. Karen on and on about her American plans. Doing this. Going there. Taking care of this errand, that errand, what Chad should or should not do. How do people listen to each other? How do people stand one another with their excellent shallow American plans and ideals? After scarfing down her meal, a deep sigh, and "I feel better." Is this what makes people tick tock in life? I swear some people will talk about anything just so that they don't have a silence. Nothing deep. You can tell a personality all just by how food is ordered too. Chad wants to sample beer, he gets to choose three, but he has to know if it is free. Please finish your meals and move on!