I, Anonymous Jul 6, 2023 at 11:51 pm



what sucks
more is becom-
ing a hood ornament."

possibly implanted
into the giant machine's
front end but hood ornament?

flying like an Eagle to
an Untimely Demise
is prolly more like it.

wanna be Invisible?
stay unilluminated
perchance to be-
come a ghost

the Hard way.

"It's much
easier not to hit
what can be seen. Please?"

Yes, please!


Think of the melody to Fly Me To The Moon:

Remove me from the gene pool
I'm as stupid as can be
I've got no lights on my bike
I'm impossible to see

The pointy thing
On your car
Is sure to leave
A nasty scar

Fly'n down the hill 
Just as fast as I can go
That stop sign up ahead 
A mere suggestion 
Don't you know

The mortician 
Who worked on me
A magician 
As you will see

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