I've seen so many bad relationships. So much vanity and unscrupulous brutality in the name of love. Too many masks. Clothes, cars, lying. Where are people's hearts? Too often the romance gets killed by judgment, greed, misunderstandings and trauma. Who do we want to be with? Maybe someone hot? With goals for generational wealth? Romance is a reflection of ourselves, our hubris, our ideology, our trauma, whether we can see it or not. Then you came back into my life. I was cynical about love. You were interested. That was obvious years ago. Maybe I was too. We talked for many months. There was drama we weren't ready for. Heartbreak. But you did something I wasn't used to. You stuck through it for us. We both did. You helped me out of my world. You weren't even set on me, you were just being a good friend. And you didn't save me, I spent a lot of time working things out. But when I was torn with reminders of my past and failed you, you gave me more chances. For that I am forever grateful. I want to show my appreciation in every kiss and every cuddle and in all the ways love bathes us. When we hold each other tight and close our eyes it's nothing like the movies or High School crushes. Love is so much bigger. It's a plant. You water it and care for it. With the understanding that it might not be there forever. That it may not even give you what you thought you desired. But it's not on a shelf for $5.99 or a swipe away. It's not a list of requirements or achievements or anything else the world told us. It's something we made together. Despite everything. I love you babe.