Please stop asking for someone’s social media handle on a first date. And then immediately start following it right then and there! 1. I don’t know you. You could be a murderer, or worse, conservative. 2. It’s weird and awkward, just stop. It puts people on the spot and my conflict avoidance (+ double Virgo moon/sun) which is almost a disability kicks in. The multiple spicy margaritas I also consumed to help my social anxiety for this date offers no help. The result, my once private anonymous Twitter account is exposed. So now, I have to wait an (X) number of days before I stealthily block you. It’s nothing personal, really. It’s me, not you! Hell, we might even have a hot make out session later that same night. I’m just a private person whose social media anonymity is held most sacred. Especially in this day and age where internet anonymity is rare (hello trolls in the comments). If you read my tweets (soon to be RIP) you would never want to sleep with me anyway. We can swap nudes, just not social media handles. That’s just too vulnerable.