Tipping is out of control. Do your job, you get 15%. To those places that collect the tip before the meal, I check you out. I know who you are and I eat/drink elsewhere. Homey don't play.


@1 #sobrave


Of course if restaurants paid a living wage tipping wouldn't be a thing.



'living wages'
are for KKKomies
and fucking Socialists

this is Unbridled Capitalism
bitches. the Money goes
UP-fucking Hill &
that's were it

if you weren't a Moral Failure
Lazy af and born to Poor
parents you'd have it
Made too.

you prolly shouldda
Thought a that



Definitely wouldn't sit at a table I didn't want to sit at and if relocation were not an option, I would leave (and I'm in a wheelchair, so it would be a total pain in the ass).

Living wages should be paid and true cost of services should be charged. That, obviously, is not how it works in this country. If one goes out to eat and does not tip, one is a total and complete asshole, with extremely limited exceptions (really bad, nasty, rude service - it happens, however it is the extreme exception, not the rule - and also includes never returning to such an establishment, ever).

Don't want to tip for people serving you? Stay home and make your own damn food! Same for people who order food and expect people to bring it to them so they don't have to leave their home. TIP service workers. They are underpaid, poorly treated laborers in the American capitalist nightmare. There is literally no reason for anyone to eat out or to order food in other than pure self-interest. If you can afford the indulgence, you can afford to tip. Period.

What I don't understand is all of the "order and pay at the counter, get all of your own plates, silverware, cups, water, napkins AND bus your own table" businesses that expect a tip. ??? I am already paying for the food you are making and I amliterally doing everything else. I don't go to those places, but if I find myself at one (which happens sometimes), I still tend to tip, just not more than 10%.

Personal, subjective tipping rule: $1 tip for every espresso drink made, because I can't do it myself and an excellent barista cannot be underestimated OR taken for granted.

Oh and one more: I tip at food trucks.


Tip everywhere that’s a service or gig business. If you can eat out, you should be able to afford a tip; if not, stay home. That includes counter service places. Don’t be a cheap pr*ck.


as a wee lad of five or six
I witnessed a parent berate
a waitress and having somehow
a dollar bill I surreptitiously folded
and put it under my plate. thanks for
the Lesson in clandestinity! tip your Server!

and NO
not with the
tip of your Boot.

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