I, Anonymous Aug 18, 2023 at 11:31 am



... who don't take Kindly to those upsetting their
Golden Deliciou$ apple cart

but the One thing they're Most Excellent at
is Violence - for Them it's Science AND
an Art! -- a Double Money-Maker!
Ka-CHINGA mother-

mocking their "Authority"'s what
Hurts 'em Most: Provided they
haven't already shot
you first.


Anyone have a clue as to what the OP is talking about?


@2 -- see:
Democracy Now!
and/or Alternative Radio

good Luck!


or even (especially!] the
Thom Hartmann
Program. they
can Help fill
you In.


Once your receipt is in your wallet or purse, wouldn't them checking it require a search warrant or, at the very least, probable cause? The bourgeoisie count on you not knowing your rights. Next time, tell them they need to speak with your attorney before you'll hand anything over. Even if someone does steal something, it'll likely be on camera anyway, so if you didn't steal anything, the burden of proof is on them.


When someone steals from a store guess who pays? Us. Those that go to work, who don't shoot heroine and pay for their stuff. I'm sick of the deadbeats acting like it's my fault. Sure, people can be down on their luck, lose a job,have a mental illness crisis. I get it. Happy to help and I do help. Not as much as I should but I'm working on it.
How anyone could excuse shoplifting is beyond me.


how Anyone might
excuse Corporate and
White-Collar Crime which
Dwarfs shoplifting's which costs
us all Exponentially More's Way beyond me.

but that's beause it's NOT
on "our" Corporate Media
owned by 6 or 8 megacorps

and they're about as
"progressive" as the
Third Reich.

so I guess I Do know
Why it is So ignored
but it Cost$ US REAL
Money - check it Out
if you're brave enough.


two wrongs don't make it right


Well, if the op is complaining about freddies demanding to check receipts as one leaves, just hit up a freddies in the white part of town. In SW, they don't do that.

It harkens back to yesteryear, when our fine upstanding grocers would take their no longer fresh, crisp produce, truck it over to their stores in the "not white" neighborhoods, and put it out for sale calling it "fresh" despite being wilted and bruised. They jacked up the price to cover the added shipping costs. Until they got busted.

Interesting point #5 makes however; if you haven't taken anything they have no right to detain you and after paying, you have no further obligation to them.

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