Here's the thing about crowded Trimet buses, mostly naming buses on school routes when school is done for the day. Sure, let's get all the kids on, but when does it end? The driver gets on the horn and urges the standing passengers to squeeze back and move back as much as possible to get more people on-board in which we will not be able to fit a third of the other kids trying to get on. So let's move on! Like GO! Make a decision, and cut it off. It's already full. Its gonna be arbitrary where it ends and cuts off at the person who will have to wait. This was Pre-Pandemic of course, but I think I get the lesson learned. Slow down was my lesson! Too much of anything is too much. School is back and not out for summer... What's more, people cannot even exit on a crowded bus. People have to start exiting the bus to let them leave then get back on. Whats more, we crash, we are all fucked. Whats more, any accident, fire, or strange disastrous circumstance, we have no way out. Sure, pile em all on. How to pile us out of there? Then 10 minutes later, the kids have all got to their destination. Maybe, the kid could walk the three blocks but it was a tough day, I know. And hey, coronas over, so someone ready to French me and grope me now?