Dear Homeowners, I honestly don’t know how to break this to you, so I’m just gonna come out and say it. You don’t own the public street in front of your house. It isn’t my fault that your home lacks parking, presumably because it wasn’t built that way or there simply isn’t room for it. You aren’t owed a parking space, it’s not yours and you have zero right to bitch, whine or otherwise piss and moan to other folks who have lawfully parked there. Ram your righteous indignation up your smug shit pipe. I’ll park there if I want. I don’t give a shit what you pay in taxes or how long you’ve lived there. If anything, I get excited when my hail damaged, base model Ford Fiesta is perceived to be an eyesore against the backdrop of your pristine domicile. I really hope I’m bringing the property values down. Should you choose to vandalize my car as some of you have done in the past, please consider another dent or scratch down the side of a $5000 hail damaged car isn’t really a big concern. In fact it’s probably worth it if it frustrates you and wastes your time. If you need parking, move or walk your ass home from a place that does have parking.