I, Anonymous Sep 2, 2023 at 7:58 am



You put your car in places just to inflict pain?
That's some real fucked up.
Glad I don't know you.


It's when they put cones out. That always gets my goat. You don't own the street.


OP is 100% right. Portland homeowners REALLY need to get over themselves! At least they can get parking permits. There are places where you have to park on the street and switch which side of the street you can park on depending on the day and/or the weather AND there are no neighborhood parking permits that allow residents first dibs on parking. And that's just the way it is. All people in Portland seem to know how to do is BITCH AND MOAN AND COMPLAIN ABOUT EVERYTHING. Don't want public parking on a city street in front of your home. Do what you're always telling everyone else to do LEAVE. MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE. GO AWAY. SHUT THE FUCK UP. There are so many real fucking problems and this is NOT ONE OF THEM. Self-absorbed, entitled, whiny white people bullshit. 100%

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