Say I'm mowing the lawn, thats all I'm focused on. The lawn, the songs in my head, and the workout. Heres why I notice the other part. If I'm walking by someone else mowing the lawn, they will instantly pick their head up and look at me. That's why I notice people looking at me when I'm mowing as they walk by. It is so fucking weird! The same goes for if I'm working, and mopping in a building with glass windows. That's all I'm concentrating on. Sure enough, if I look up as someone walks by, they're already staring at me like I'm an orangutan with a mop. The same goes for if I'm walking by someone working in a building with glass windows, they stop what they're doing to take notice of me. I only notice as part of my behavioral observations I have. Plus it gives me anxiety people looking at me. I know, get over it. I truly care less about YOU! I seriously don't pay attention to you. I only do because I know you're staring at me. I literally just walked past 4 dudes raking concrete, all stop in synchronicity to look at me. Aren't you dudes supposed to focusing on this craft you're doing? Same goes for walking by someone on a "smoke break" intently scoping out the phone, then I walk by, and their head looks up to see who I am. Like, what did that accomplish for you? This is why and what is wrong. This distracted, nosy, and paranoid society we live in. I'll do me. You do you. This is my business. Mind your own. And stop being fucking weirdos!