We don't have a homeless crisis, we have a homeless industry and the lack of accountability and consequences for portland landlords is at the very root of the issue and no one is talking about it! Evictions favor landlords 90% of the time which made sense after I sat in court, watching judges rule in favor of the landlord when the tenant did not appear, while judges also set aside cases waiting for landlords to appear, and occasionally even calling them and allowing them to present via the phone, then rule in their favor even though the law states that the court is required to rule in favor of the tenant who did appear. Due to recent circumstances, no fault of my own, I found myself homeless. The illegal and immoral actions of my landlord were done maliciously and with confidence that they could get away with it, and they were right. We can build all the affordable homes we want, but if poorly managed without consequences, who cares. We will continue adding to the homeless population while funding vacant properties that should be filled by houseless residents building a home. Also, let's be real, with all the funding the state receives to fund failed projects such as these ridiculous and dangerous tiny home communities, while personally profiting by increasing salaries or wheeling and dealing for personal interests, why would they want to fix the problem? They would no longer be entitled to the many perks they get while the citizens continue to suffer and struggle. Looking at a certain mayor for example who loves and fully supports these tiny home imprisonments that have no clue what they are doing and are bleeding resources that belong to us, the people of portland.