To live in a building, one must pay rent or a mortgage. Landlords win most of their cases because they own the property and for whatever reason the tenant stopped paying rent. Without rent you're out. To all you people that produce children who grow up thinking they are special and can do what ever they want, this is on you.


so having children
equates to Market

Housing as Commodity
hell - Everything Necessary
to LIVE becomes Commodified

and we must
Blame the

you a
Bill of Goods

thanks for
your Regurgitation.


I have empathy for real victims.
However, if you want to eat, you need to work. Put the needle down, get some help and stop being a victim.
Kris, If you want to help people, don't give them a fish. Teach them how to fish.


@3 “Real victims”. Way to not only oversimplify, but selective empathy according to the DSM is one of the traits of sociopathy. Yes, just set down that needle and walk away. It’s not that easy. But then again, you pretty much have made it clear in the past, that you’d rather have everyone locked up that you don’t want to look at, because they’re so unsightly and force everyone into an institution of sorts (saying fuck you to their civil rights) against their will. Quit trying to act like you truly give a shit. You don’t, and it’s blatantly obvious. Please, take a dirt nap.


babs, you sound like an addict yourself. pass out all the fish you want, an addict will take until there is nothing left to give. it's the nature of the disease. measure 110 was lunacy and hopefully repealed soon. Wishing death on me for expressing an opinion says way more about you than it does me.


Nah not an addict, PissySmith. But I have worked with both homeless and addicts and dual diagnosis, you know the people you basically think should all be thrown in jail and criminalized because you don’t like the looks of them. And don’t talk about “nature of the disease” when you obviously know Jack shit about what those people are going through, not in reality do you even truly care. Don’t front, don’t be a poser. You see those people as subhuman and you’ve not come right out and said those exact words, but over and over again under an extremely dirty thin veil, you’ve pretty much said so in multiple posts as you run up your own asshole about being a nearly perfect parent to the sex trophies you’ve produced. Time will tell when something like this, no matter what values you instilled in them, could possibly land on your doorstep and it could be anything: fentanyl, pills, meth, alcohol. Only then would you have even any true empathy, and only because you donated the cells to produce them. You don’t give a shit at all about the people downtown, you are selective in your empathy and look up DSM asshole, you’re there. An anti-social trait. So yeah, shuffle off. One less sociopathic prick on the planet. Or maybe we should lock YOU up, just to be studied?


Again, your posts say much more about you, than me. You put words in my mouth and twist it to fit your views. Personally, I find your viewpoint cruel. Not to me, but to the people you step over each day. Measure 110 gave addicts a choice, continue shooting up in the streets of go to treatment. 6 chose treatment. The option should be treatment, or jail. That 6 would turn into 600 in a hurry. And wouldn't that be a good thing?
Babs, think of me what you will. Your response tells me I hit a nerve. You know I'm right. it would be easy to go off on you but I wont. Clearly you are hurting. I wish you the best


i appreciate this


is but a Symptom:

What Happens
When Wall Street Buys
Most of the Homes on Your Block?

As investors pluck up starter homes and convert them to rentals, residents are being forced to grapple with what the changes mean for their communities

not to Mention
Air B & Bs

DID all those
'Starter' Homes GO?

it's just
Capitalism and it's
soon coming for (even?) You.


Those are bad things Kris, but none of those problems will be solved by putting a needle in your arm.


we can look at the Symptoms
and shudder or one can
look at the Causes
& ask How do
we Fix it?

by handing everything over
to the Wealthy and hoping
for Divine Intervention or
Taxing them till there's
no longer Despair
rampant in Every-
where, USA.

it Works in
Scandinavia so
why not Try it Here?

they don't hafta Worry
about childcare or education
or what to Do with Olde folks

they can be FREE to focus on
what makes Life Fulfilling &
Not on putting out Fires cum
Emergencies that rob human
beings of their Humanity daily

you know
like Rich


though it's True
we never see
inside their
Palaces to
check up
on them.


Agreed. The tax structure has changed since the 80s and not for the better. Needle still wont make it better.

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