Or, who do I make this out to? Whats the deal? Seriously, what's the deal? Why are chips now close to 6 dollars? I guess inflation is natural but what is zero logic is the fact that you have to make deals of buy 4 or 5 to get the price of $2.99. What makes sense is keeping the price level at the 3 to 4 dollar range and people will continually buy them so you do not contribute to overweight health issues and obesity. I'm sure you are seeing sales declining so you do this buy 4 for a good deal. 4 at the price of 3 dollars is $12. Or people buy 1 for the price of 6 dollars, which is still decent money you make, but I guess you risk people not buying it because it is such a rip off. There aren't more chips in these bags. In fact, you have a deal of 2 for 4 dollars for the small snack size bag which is even more a ripoff because there's like 3 chips in the bag and it cost half the price of a big bag. You really must be trying to get people fat. You must really think we have parties everyday to buy 4 bags of chips just to satisfy our cravings.