In an unexpected move, PacifiCorp executives recently announced an ambitious plan to expand the company’s carbon footprint. Their plan hinges on a tried and true strategy of putting roughly 1,200 cars back on the road in Oregon three days a week. With the average employee driving a round trip of 20 miles each day, this equates to approximately 72,000 pounds of greenhouse gas every week. Assuming those cars are on the road 48 weeks each year the total emissions should hit 1,570 tons in Oregon in 2024. In all seriousness, this goes against PacifiCorp committing to a net zero future. By reversing their remote work arrangements they are in effect increasing the amount of greenhouse gas emitted every day. Not only that, but other people that do need to report to a physical work location throughout the Portland area will now face increased traffic and commuting times. For all the “we care” press releases the company has put out, this new policy stands in stark contrast to their commitment to reduce pollution. Maybe it’s time for the company executives to adapt to the new normal and fully embrace remote work and the many benefits it provides. Or just acknowledge that they aren’t really doing everything in their power to reduce pollution; they are just doing what is required and nothing more.