I don't trust you if you aren't reading something, listening to music, or the pathetic looking at your phone. If all you're doing is staring into space, or looking and judging others, you call that thinking, but what you're going to eat or watch isn't mind expansion, in my mind. You are a waste. You are a waste of an existence to me. The 4 "L." Lingerers, Lurkers, Loiterers, and Leeches. You folks are everywhere. Please leave me alone. I do not like your kind. You are also a waste of time and life to me. I'm not into fake nails. I'm not into fake anything really. Nor am I into curly hair, or braids unless it is the two school girl braids. That is cute and tolerable. Besides the obvious of lameness, if you sit in your car, lights on and engine running, especially during the day time, you are the lamest of all lame. I don't trust you, nor do I like you in any capacity. The fifth "L." Lazy. All you all are. Too lazy to turn off those car lights especially during the day. Too lazy to turn off highlights. Too lazy to walk a few blocks. I do not like you. If you sit with your feet on seats on public transit or they're dangling in the aisle blocking the way, I will kick them. When I see you on your porch at any and all hours, being a nosy human, or head down on your phone, I also think you are a waste.