People around here are so completely unaware of their surroundings it boggles my mind. They don't notice (or don't care to notice) pretty much anything. Just a few moments ago, I'm sitting outside on my lunch break, beautiful weather, people sitting all around me. Suddenly, a loud roar emerges from the distance, gaining momentum until a ferocious VROOOOMMM sounds overhead, revealing a tightly knit pack of F-18 Blue Angel Hornets, locked tight into formation. So low, they're BAREly over the tree tops. Only thing that would have made them louder is if they switched on their afterburners to reach the speed of sound. But did anyone around me notice? Nope! Not a single person looked up from their phone. Literally no one. I was the only one of maybe 10 people that even bothered to look up. That's just crazy to me.