Sometimes when I'm walking across the crosswalk while crossing the street someone not fully paying attention (most likely, but not necessarily in a rush) will pull out right in front of me, so close I could reach out and touch their car. It sucks big time when not only do I almost get run over, but after that person sees me they still don't give a fuck. Which leads me to believe that they probably saw me in the middle of the street/sidewalk/crosswalk what have you in the first place and decided to pull out anyway. Maybe you haven't been almost run over lately, but it sucks big time. However, there are some instances when I see a genuine look of surprise on a person's face and they mouth, "Sorry" and give me a hand wave. I instantly forgive them. Even when a person doesn't say 'sorry' or even look like they care in the least, but still give a hand wave/palm up gesture, as a way of saying "sorry I didn't see you, but I would have stopped if I had"; or "sorry, but in this case you're nowhere near the middle of the street yet, and I'm in a rush and I have plenty of room to pull out without invading your personal space" I totally get it, and it actually means a lot to me that you bothered to wave. Sincerely, thank you! Please keep doing this in the future.