When it comes to Spotify, I don't mind being followed by randoms. I followed a few back and have discovered some great music from people around the globe. It's also cool when they like my playlists, and are exposed to some of the more obscure and local artists that I follow and highlight in my profile. However, when you have some weird thing where you need to follow over a million people with not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR different accounts (looking at you nomorelullabies), and further more, subscribe to and take part in the recent trend of adding an exclamation point at the beginning of your user name so that your profile shows up at the top of my list of followers, I consider that spam and have decided that I will now block you. (Something I never would have imagined I'd do on Spotify). Exes, frenemies, strangers, even some creeps go unblocked. But not you. You're !blocked.