The PPS administrative team is dead set on breaking this strike and not giving an inch. If they "win" Portland will lose and the consequences to our schools will be irreparable. Think about it... Teachers are fighting for schools that support the needs of the students and pay that can begin to support their families again. If the district "wins" teachers will quit en masse. The ones who stay will be bitter until the last day of their forsaken careers. Schools will not be the same. Friends... teachers are fighting for a wage that is STILL UNDER the rate of inflation for the next two years. They are fighting for classes to have than thirty five 7 year old kids in them. They are fighting for classrooms that don't make them sick or cause heat stroke. This is not complicated. Call the district, email your elected board member and tell them to fire Guerrero. If you are a union worker in this city talk to your colleagues and union leadership about walking off the job for support. Save these schools, because the damage from missing school days will look like child's play compared to the destruction of the institution that comes next.