The rich no longer pay taxes and the rest of us must fight for the crumbs.


The schools are already useless. Oregon doesn't require that any student have any knowledge of anything in order to receive a HS degree. No college will ever accept them and no employer of any worth will want to hire them (if it requires paying more than minimum wage). The Oregon Board of Education did that. Portland's shit show school system is just the tip of the iceberg.

So grateful I was educated when public education was good, got a college education with only $15K in student loans, and never wanted nor ever had any children. Why people continue to breed and expect their children to survive without immeasurable suffering is incomprehensible.

Half of the world is at war, exterminating entire swaths of people, the Unites States is a MAGAt infested shit show sucking billionaire c*ck, and the planet we live on is on fire, literally, it's only hope of survival is for humanity to have its extinction event.


And to make Oregon even worse, people who don't pass the bar will be allowed to practice law here (that's 31% of the people who took the bar in the last round). Unbelievable. Why have any education or training or knowledge of anything? Just move to Oregon and you can be anything you want without knowing anything. I can't wait until they start allowing people to call themselves doctors and perform surgery without any training at all. WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN THIS STATE?


wanted to 'play'
at Doktor! movin'
to Oreygone instantly

where my

who Needs
cheap 'healthcare'?

Call ME @

you won't
get Better
but my Bank
Account shall.

Go Ducks!
Go Beavers!

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