As we were leaving a shopping complex, my 3-year-old decided to let loose the most epic tantrum ever, insisting on wanting to stay while we truly needed to leave. They were fighting me, using every ounce of their strength to pull away from my firm grasp in this very busy parking lot, so I in return was using all my might to keep them close to me, out of harm's way. You, whoever you are, saw a stressed-out looking mom trying to pull a very upset toddler to their car. A mom who wasn't hitting her child or yelling at them, just trying to maneuver them to their car. About ten minutes later, this toddler was happily playing away in our house when two cops knocked at our door. Utterly confused, I wondered if someone had hit my car? Nope, they said they'd received a notification about a grievance between an adult female and child in the parking lot of that complex we'd just visited! Stunned, I simply said "She had a tantrum". The cop looked sheepish and said "We thought so", and left. Given the cops' precious lack of resources, was it necessary to divert them to this mundane situation, and cause me undue stress? Did you think a child abduction was occurring in this particular parking lot in broad daylight on a very busy weekend, when it takes about 10 minutes to get out of said parking lot? Did you I was somehow abusing my child by holding their hand, so they wouldn't get hit by a car? You are a witless moron. Please mind your own business!