@1 I guess she was right about triggering the the misogynists part.


It was a joke. Sorry it triggered you.


Hahahaha so funny to laugh at this woman being scared for her physical safety. It wasn't a joke, you're an obvious dickhead.


OK #4 I'll bite.
48 other states have self serve gas. Women have been pumping their own gas, for like, forever. This lady is pissed that she has to join the rest of humanity and pump her own gas.
Think about it. Gas stations in Portland are staffed, well lit, and most are covered so you stay dry. All in all, a pretty safe place to be provided you have money to buy gas. Are creepy men out there? Yes. But to suggest it's any more dangerous to pump gas than say visit the Walgreens, is kind of dumb.

If this woman owns less than 3 cats, I'd be shocked.


Not being a woman I can't speak to their experience. But dude you are either the most pitiful stereotype of a chauvinist, or an insufferable troll. I'm guessing it's both. Ok, now call me a simp or something to really flesh it out.


Clearly you are wonderful, sensitive human being and I'm sure your mother loves you very much.



@lady with Taser

when you Use that
Taser thingy AT THE
GAS STATION you'll be
setting off an Inferno that'd
make BiBi Nutnyahoo Proud af

I suggest
a water pistol
filled with (insert
Fave here)* to incapacitate
any bums foolish enough to wander by

that way
at Least you
won't be taking
out half a city Block
to make your gasoline
purchases "safer." Happy motoring!



Tazer Lady,
There, I feel better now.

I don't want to pump my own either. Fortunately there are many independent stations that don't have the "pump your own" type of pumps, so look around, your guys probably work at one of them now.

And please, tip your station attendants. It's a miserable job in winter and summer weather. You won't believe how it makes a shitty day turn 'not shitty' when a customer slips a $1 or a $5 into your hand and says "thank you." The smile you get in return will totally make your day too, all for the price of a coffee.

I think our governor pretty much killed any chance of a second term with this stunt.
Good job fucking us over in favor of Big Oil, "TK" ! It's so nice to know where your sights are set and who you're in bed with so early in your first, and last, term.

Mr.Grey #6, Slate my man, you are correct; "he" is the misogynist, trump loving troll our parents warned us about. Unfortunately Mr. Wm. Steven, the boss of this show, doesn't let us ignore santorum like that.

A shame I think, because a lot of thoughtful participants stay away for this very reason.


You think self serve gas will kill Tina's re-election? Not the millions spent on committees to have "meetings and stuff" to discuss the homeless problem? Again?
A year into the Tina government and no visible changes. She better step up or the next gov could be a republican.
BTW, I've never voted for trump and never will.


owns less
than 3 cats,
I'd be shocked."

a cop. thrilling!


PoPo. Me? Nah. Just not a fan of cats.


P 55 Didn't she say she had a dog? Are we really doing the oh no she's going to die alone with cats thing? You're not doing much for our cause man, women are pulling back from relationships with men because of people like you. And you have big cop energy.


Would the OP be so kind as to tell us how many cats she owns? I'll take the over for 10 bucks.

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