I hate Christmas music, it has ties to a lot of child hood trauma for me, like the dark shit I should have gone to support groups for, but anyways. I am good at handling my triggers all year, but this time of the year, holy hell that music cracks the coffin on my buried issues, and ever single fucking store is playing the same songs. I have tried contacting a few major retailers asking if they could at least not play Christmas music during the 1st and last business hour to offer some reprieve. I have to contact corporate since the few times I ask a person in store I just attitude. Seriously I ask if there is any hours that Christmas music is not being played, and I get the either "I am sorry your offended, or the bit everyone likes this music" bullshit. Okay I am getting side tracked, if anyone has some compassion, a love of anarchy, does not like the music, any reason of your own, please contact the major retailers to ask for a reprieve even for a couple of hours from the music that will not stop.