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Corporate HQ decides what is played in any retail store (unless it's an independent store and you can speak to the owner right there). It's easier to wear headphones and listen to your own music, wear earplugs and ear muffs to not hear the music while you are shopping, or do all of your shopping online (if you have to shop, which in most cases you don't, other than food, which can also be done online). I feel for you. I hate everything about Christmas. Everything that was ever magical about it has been destroyed by endless capitalist greed. It is, however, wise to choose your battles. You won't win this one. The capitalists need Christmas to make their billions and they will never stop playing Christmas music.


@1 & 2:
might have
a few 'drawbacks'
but we're so Exceptional
we're willing to put up with

whatever our Profiteers*
think'll Bring In thee
Most Dollar$.

it's just

has Sold her
Soul to the Profiteers

and they're Doing
Exceptionally WELL:
Invest in Small Arms
& WMD manufacturers
& who Knows? You might
be able to Insulate yourself
from all the Riff-Raff* that America
produces outta kind, decent, Caring

human beings.

*and Addicts, too.
almost forgot them!


The Mercury cant handle the truth.


Or maybe get the help you admit you need so you can learn the tools you need to use to not be bothered by the music?

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