Pretty sure Melania wins with her wearing of the "I really don't care" coat visiting children in cages at the southern border...

We live in a country where every single person could be housed, fed, cared for physically and mentally (health wise), paid properly, educated, and allowed to live a full life with safe food, water, air, and land. We've chosen instead to allow the wealthy to hoard wealth (like it can be taken with them when everyone and everything is dead because they've killed everyone and everything).

Wearing a fur to a vigil for the unhoused who died because society doesn't give a shit is just called being an American. NO ONE GIVES A FUCK. We are all kept too busy scrambling in our own lives trying to survive and that's exactly the way they want it to be and the way it will be until earth finally destroys human beings in an attempt to save itself.

Happy New Year!


Thank You
xina! and a happy
fucking New Year to You too!



my thoughts on the new year in the form of a haiku

I can't take it anymore.
Be a better year.


well there's a Bingo!
'23 can come & Go
shan't Miss it atall.


we're closing in on
either el trumpfster's
Last Days or the End of
Democracy. pullin' for the
former . interesting Times indeed



and thnx!
for the Haiku

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