First: everybody needs to look up Project 2025, which is a Christian and White Supremacist mandate for any conservative in office and includes using the government for prosletyzing. Second: this election is going to treat the country apart either way the cards fall. It’s already in the works. Finally: Portland’s liberal reputation was a trap to lure liberals to one area. The educational system in Oregon has dumbed down our children, with terrible graduation rates and other benchmarks. The dependency on OHP allows for the constant medication of people “for free” giving records profits to pharmaceutical companies, even as they artificially constrain supply of ADHD and other popular meds. The lack of providers means med management is being done by inexperienced therapists and recent grads operating out of small clinics that will disappear and have little accountability. Conservative investment groups from Washington and California and elsewhere are buying up apartment complexes or managing them so that prices go up which further excludes the majority of renters. The Portland Police are still butt-hurt about defunding so they have been working at 10% for the last 7 years, letting crime happen so the conservative news media can point to Portland as a wasteland. The show Portlandia was just propaganda to lure people here. Why? Because areas like Portland, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Denver are going to be turned into Gaza style containments. It already happened at Standing Rock. That was the “dry run” for what is to come.