I once moved into
a Home right near a
shooting range which'd
been closed for repairs or whtevs

their Grand Reopening
sounded like Gaza
only with fewer
dead bodies

it smelt just
like Victory.

sraight to
Hades. do Not
pass Go do NOT
collect 2oo Dollars

the Massacre.


All it takes is one white person with a nose making a complaint.
In California they tried to shut down the plant that makes Sriracha with this BS.

Shame on Portland.

โ€œLong used as a tactic for displacing and removing Asian communities, olfactory racism has deep roots in this country dating back hundreds of years,โ€ the group wrote. โ€œWith this closure, our community is losing a vital small business and reinforcing harmful stereotypes and tropes around Asians, our food, culture, and right to belong.โ€

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