People on the far right use the term โ€˜wokeโ€™ to pronounce their disdain for enlightened thinking, emotional maturity, and well-intentioned behavior. The term โ€˜wokeโ€™ has been transformed through endless repetition into a pejorative and all-encompassing meme for disparagement. Woke is a rallying cry, the mother of all wedge issues, a tool to enflame an ignorant and hateful base. It's time to fight fire with fire. So, what is the opposite of woke? Asleep comes to mind. But if woke is hyper-awakeness, then its opposite must be hyper-sleep, or what a doctor would call a coma. Ultra-conservative Republicans, AKA American fascists, are in an intellectual coma โ€“ they are comatose. But they will never remember or understand that term โ€“ just too may syllables. So, letโ€™s just say they are โ€˜tose,โ€™ short for comatose. The far right exists in a state of troubled eternal sleep. They writhe in anger, hate, and frustration in their endless nightmares of cursed sleep. They see no good, hear no good, and feel no good. The fear anything not exactly conforming to their stereotypes of worthy humans, AKA white male Christians. They hate any thought or belief that do not conform to their norms. They squirm from the frustration of sensing their own futility and knowing they lack the skills and knowledge to do anything to improve their lots in life. Pity the poor blokes. We are woke and they are 'tose.