What a stupid, lame, rather lacking in any precision, rant.

Were you blocking her way out like a dumbfuck?
Perhaps not, but only dumbfucks think a hug is a solution.

Not only the simpleton's solution to a problem, but a simpleton's solution to a problem that wouldn't even exist if there weren't dumbfucks doing things people with a brain don't do.

Like blocking doors, taking your dogs where they should be left home, putting your dogs on seats, getting on the bus before people have gotten off, blocking sidewalks, counting out change in one sloppy wad with the coins skittering on top of the receipt and bills, being an asshole at work, driving too fast past a pedestrian and splashing them, not stopping for pedestrians, offering to inflict hugs on strangers, manipulatively making ad hominem attacks by pretending someone "needs a hug", etc.

Oh, and writing ridiculous vague simpleton rants.


Oh buddy! You need a hug too ❤️❤️❤️

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